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Twenty years' experience at clients' service

Access to credit has become more and more difficult for small and medium enterprises, also affected by the typical lack of managerial skills related to less structured companies, where key people close to the entrepreneur, primarily in the financial area, are too often represented by trusted persons and not by qualified managers.

Our mission is to support companies with reorganization activities aimed to a competitive development, to solve the crisis situation or, in the worst cases, to make the exit from the market become less traumatic, encouraging transparency of information flows in bank-firm relationship and the consequent improvement of creditworthiness, thanks to collaboration agreements we have signed with leading banks.

To invest time and resources, with the use of bank loans or private equity, does not lead to any effective result if there isn't a real, strong and feasible business plan, in a context of management and operational rationalization, that our professionals are able to successfully carry out.

With passion, dedication and trust, we work mainly with companies and enterprises based in Brescia, Bergamo and Milan area, learning to speak the same language of banks and entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate not only the discussion of interest rates and loans but also of margins, customers and suppliers, projects to be implemented and their costs / benefits, while also reducing the credit crunch situations.

Please check our professional services of business organization and internationalization, debt restructuring and temporary management: contact us by email at, by phone at 030-7778327 or visit directly our offices in Rovato (BS), for a meeting free of charge.